Abigail Wolf

Ohio- December 23,2001
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I believe

I believe in something unseen,
I believe in the impossible,
I believe in miracles, that may never happen

I believe I have a fighting chance,
I believe that I can make an impact on this world,
I believe that people need me,
I believe that I deserve happiness,

This is why I do not stop.
Stop believing in everything,
That is why I believe in the things that I do.

Maybe I am wrong,
Maybe I do not belong here,
Maybe I am a mistake.
Maybe I was born,
Born in the wrong place,
And at the wrong time.

These are thoughts that go through my head,
These are things that I do not understand,
I wish that I could, but I can't

Why do I question myself?
Why do I fear the unknown?
Why do I cry myself to sleep?

I have never been shown what love is.
I have never really been loved,
No one has ever liked me,
And probably never will.
I wish I could understand,
Why no one likes me.
I wish that I could be loved,
I wish that I was loved.

So, I am sorry to anyone,
Anyone who hears this,
I wish that I could have explained,
I wish I could have told you,
I wish you would have listened.

So, I am sorry,
I did not mean to hurt you,
I just wanted to make,
Make the evil thoughts stop,
I am sorry!

I believe that I will be better now.
Now that I can finally heal.
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