Abbay Anderson

August 1st, 2003 - Nevada
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A weapon is a comfort is a
weapon. The street we lived
doesn’t really go anywhere but
sometimes I drive by to see
the church and the trees. I
talked about my work for a
little too long yesterday and
your shadow showed up on
the studio wall. The only
thing keeping me from feel-
ing understood is the effort
of speaking up. A symbol is
a diety is a symbol, a symbol
is an empty space I’ve built
so you can put your fingers
in it. I thought about Israel
and freeing Palestine and
whiteness and privelege and
blue moon beer yesterday and
isn’t that enough. Enough is
a delusion is enough. In fall
time, being twenty is grey like
the word sallow and a round
line. My dad is excited to have
my fish tank but his wife can’t
decide if she wants us in her
house. It’s been great catching
up but I have so much home
work and you need to get back
to work so I will talk to you
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