Percules The Poet

May 23, 2001 - Evansville, Indiana
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Not many things in life tend to get me real excited.
But I get so high that I am flying.
I could go on endlessly page after page just writing.
My demons everyday I am fighting.
I make them disappear like they are lightening.
Everything will have its own timing.
Every fire first has to be ignited.
I will be the one to light it.
If you want my time you have to buy it.
Solve your problems instead of wasting your time crying.
This might look effortless it is because I am not really trying.
Fuck you unless you are down for me and riding.
I move so smoothly I call it gliding.
Upward on the ladder is the only way I move when I am climbing.
Never stop either because I have always been in love with grinding.
Just like a star because I am always shining.
Might wanna close your eyes my mind is so bright it is blinding.
Got you thinking how did Zoe even think of that shit and it's rhyming?
Your own business bitch mind it!
Do not be the cat because curiosity left it lifeless.
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