Zebra Black

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Under the advice of Legal Council

Under the advice of legal counsel I declare that the entire content of my filthy disgusting poems about assholes, pussies, smelly feet, tremulous flesh perspiration, bleeding, crying, screaming fuck me to shreds; are for the purposes of bending minds and hearts towards becoming a sex addict, porn fiend, pervert or masturbatory worm gob entertainment slut and that I do not vouch for the veracity of the content; since I'm not my right mind due to large amounts of amyloid plaque build up in my gerontological decrepitudinous brain that strangely pulsates the mind box sexuality of a disturbed twelve year old boy who likes to watch his teenage sister and her cheer leader pom pom ponytail crew in the shower while playing with himself. I in no way waive any and all of my rights as a free citizen of the world to any individual, group, agency, government or any other entity, and that the use of any content posted by me for any purpose other than personal entertainment, population paste, or creepy oyster droppings, is NOT granted, and furthermore that I reserve the right to hit on all your friends, write poems like scuzzy snake spray, and tell your mother if you're caught reading it or sitting at the computer for hours with a jumbo tube of KY spaffing throat yogurt, protein shakes, bath tub bubbles with bloodshot bulging eyes and saliva drool squiggles down Sally sloppy lips

Shove it where you love it
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