Zaheer Abass

February 19, 1978 - Trinidad and Tobago
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Ode to Heart

As I lay me down to sleep,
I ask God not my soul to keep;
But rather pray, my heart to save,
From sure and certain early grave.

In broken pieces there he lies
Within my chest and slowly dies;
As life’s cruelty, rooted so deep,
Cause tears of blood when he dares weep.

Ages ago, if memory serves me right,
He did not exist in perpetual night…
Faith and hope lit up his days
Warming him like the sun’s rays.

Carefree and young, life was a beach;
Nothing, he thought, was beyond his reach.
Until at last, he tried to find love…
Struck as if by lightning from above;

Bravely he toiled, through misery and pain;
Alas, loneliness would be all he’d gain.
Time after time, just when it seemed
Everything about which he’d dreamed

Was right there within his grasp,
Needing only his hands around it to clasp…
Vanish it would, like a wisp of smoke,
Leaving him on misery’s tears to choke.

Watching him struggle all these years
Has served only to fuel my fears.
To protect him I’ll do what I must,
Before his agony renders him to dust.

Behind thick walls, in tower high,
Rising beyond where eyes could spy,
Away I’ll hide him from love’s touch;
I can’t bear it; he’s suffered too much.

So if God be too busy to hear my plea
And my heart’s salvation falls to me;
Have no fear; you can be sure
That from love’s poisonous lure

I’ll guard you better than times past
Until the day you breathe your last.
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