Zaheer Abass

February 19, 1978 - Trinidad and Tobago
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Ashes to Ashes

Rend, rend,
Rip, tear, and rend...
Into pieces so tiny
That heart may never mend.
Cast, cast,
Heave, toss, and cast...
Into an abyss so deep
That darkness may forever last.
Weep, weep,
Wail, moan, and weep...
Into sorrow so abject
That soul may never sleep.
Wither, wither,
Shrivel, shrink and wither...
Into a husk so empty
That life may no longer linger.
Decay, decay,
Rot, putrify, and decay...
Into dust so complete
That winds may whisk you away.
Banish, banish,
Exile, disappear and banish...
Into nothingness so eternal
That all memory of you may vanish.
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