Zach Ascot

1994 - United Kingdom

Sink with a Smile

Tonight I’m in no mood for dancing,
The man in the office,
You know the one,
He’s got a nice tie,
He tells you who you’re gonna be,
In the name of education.
He sat me down,
Looked me in the eye and told me,
There’s nothing here for you,
Sorry son,
You’ve gotta go join a rock n’roll band.
Well that’s what I heard anyway.

Let me tell you this,
Circles don’t fit squares.
Ram a circle into a square if you dare,
You’ll have to make that square so large,
That it takes my soul with it,
Only then might you get me,
But it’ll never be a perfect fit,
Just smothered and suffocated.

The internal beast of truth,
Will never tolerate perceived normality,
It’s only instinct is to rebel,
Insanity is preferable,
Instability a comfort,
There is no reasoning,
Drown in your own angry rebellion,
Sink to the bottom with a smile.

Did you know they can forget us?
Tell us who’s worth it,
Who to listen to,
Who to respect,
Without a window into their being,
Instead you’re told who they are,
And what they represent.
Did you know you could be forgotten?
There’s no loyalty out here,
Your legacy in the hands of others,
Your worth in the balance of an agenda,
So what are you gonna do about it?
Fade into history?
Become a distant memory?
What you’ve gotta do,
Is represent something so loud and true,
That when the herd comes to trample and step down on you,
Those who connect to your cause,
Have no choice but to step up.

Come on and get heard,
We’re not finished here yet,
Come on make the message louder,
I want to hear it,
Let me listen,
We gotta get heard,
We gotta get this message out there somehow,
Maybe we’ve gotta take it straight to the people,
Let them hear it,
Give them a chance for change,
Pleasure the beast of truth,
Aggravate normality,
Destroy perceptions,
Let’s go!

Now come on,
Why don’t you tell me,
Tell me how it’s gonna be,
Come on,
Just tell me.
Tell me what I’m gonna like,
Who I’m gonna be,
Where I’m gonna go,
Just tell me.
I’m standing here,
Why don’t you just tell me,
Tell me how it’s gonna be.
Tell me how to dress,
How to laugh,
How to love,
Why don’t you just come on over here and tell me,
Tell me how it’s gonna be,
I’m still waiting,
I’m still sinking.

Zach Ascot
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