Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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Take Your Phone

I won't leave you lonely and scared,
And if physically we remain far
Our souls are connected together;
Love spreads to the Moon and backward.
I don't care how hard it will rain,
No matter how much you despair -
I will always be there
As inhibitor of your pain.

You know we turn darkness in light;
We find pros in the toughest of days;
We transform black hue into white;
And we joke to cause smile on the face.
All I'm doing i'm doing for you,
'Cause i'm worth nothing if you are blue;
If I can' t make your mood better even by half
I should really just close my mouth.

Miricales tend to happen
Regardless of sceptic majority.
But we are not generality;
Our eyes can see the eternity.
Everyone sometimes requires back-up.
I swear I'll become your power
Like your own horror's devourer.
So never ever give up!
- - - - - - - - - -
Just take your phone, don't be shy and call,
I will always answer to you.
Don't be scared, don't be torn, I won't leave you alone,
So just call, 'cause you know it is true!
Every day, every night I am worrying away
That without me by side you could fall.
I can fight, I can bite, but I still only prey...
Don' t take time, take your phone and call!
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