Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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I was led to the edge by my fate:
No way back, there's no pass ahead.
But leaving your life as a shade
Isn't something you can just accept.
So I tightened my fists and held head up straight,
And made myself simple and clear.
If I were not on brink, I'd at least hesitate;
Just this once I had no time to fear.

As a rule in such context we strech our arms,
'Cause we're trying to reach the support.
Though if instead of sidekicks you bear scars,
The choice isn't something you've got.
You have to keep going, no matter how far
Desolation will bring your sad soul.
After all liberation won't ask who you are;
It just gifts you reply to your call.

If you made a mistake then just go and correct it.
Do not hope that it'll vanish itself.
An excuse that you're weak is mocked and rejected -
Lying is bad for your health.
Strength isn't something you have or don't have -
It is something you gain after trouble.
Straighten your back and show them yourself;
They dare not rebuke you or grumble.
- - - - - -
So wipe off your tears and cast aside doubts;
We were born to be come what we're begging to be.
Aren't able to lose, we cannot fall down.
Be goody-two-shoes and listen to me!
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