Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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See And Hear

The grief is force to get us stronger.
Mistake is means by which we rise.
The pain you take endures no longer
Than hatred, bullying and despise.
Those things cannot be vindicated.
Wrongdoing's wrong no matter what.
But some of cruel thoughts are valid,
They're meant to be misunderstood.

To overcome the ones who fret you
The ones who mock, abuse, call names,
It very well might come in handy
To talk this over face to face.
Those who are thought to be the culprits
Appear to be victims too.
The blame must lie on the surroundings,
The awful things they'd gotten through.

Sometimes we tend to mark down ins
Due to offences that we are feeling.
But truth is pieces and the bits
That justice wants to be revealing.
There is no innocence in people:
Man lies and steals, kills and destroys.
But don't say all of us are sinful,
Not everyone obtains the choice.

The life of bliss, the life we long for,
Where friends are friends and foes are friends,
Lies in the land beyond horizon,
Where human truly sees and hears.
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