Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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I Can No Longer Hide

- He relished playing house,
Dress up me into tinsel, like submissive doll,
Put in cage and witness,
How nestling sings it's song.
Does the master care about his own puppet?
And can the dummy have the mind?
I've never hindered anything he wanted,
Because there was a debt I couldn't cast aside.

So do you think I ran away because I felt worn out?
Because I had betrayed my love on you?
No, I could live like that for years, no doubt;
Alike a faithful dog on leash with heart of blue.
- Pure virgin lamb, trembling in my arm...
What was I aiming for at the beginning?
Get rid, of course, but first adore some fun.
And now I tear her from my heart like my own youngling.
How could I not have noticed,
That every day my face is more and more illuminated with a smile?
She turned dark world into the beauty promised
And mitigated bloody callous style.

So do you think I spurned you 'cause desired to offend?
You think I didn't know the meaning of the "love"?
No, I would wish to spend the infinite like that,
Reveling proximity, gifted from above.

- But that's not meant to happen!
Remnants of my honour echo wounded soul.
Your baneful affection
I can possess no more.
In time we will be better:
Two lonely hearts, though not two of a kind.
This torture lasts forever.
Accept my plea for mercy, I can no longer hide...
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