Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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I wish to wake you up at morning,
Bring coffie to your cozy bed.
For you I'm always warm and loving,
Unfortunately, I'm just friend.

I know you since I have my vision;
You're only one to catch my eye.
And even if it's wrong decision,
I'll never lose to other guy...

I can't recall when it had started.
You're only one that I adore.
You know, I took it all for granted,
But we can't be friends any more.

You see me as an elder brother,
A mate, a fellow, pal to tease.
But I can only be your lover,
A boyfriend, husband, as you please.

I am accepted by your parents.
I gently hug you when we meet.
Though you don't seem to be embarrassed,
And I object to it indeed.

You had that coming, now I'm tough,
I'll conquer your unruly heart.
You'll see how much I am in love!
Don't try again to skip this part!
- - - - - - - -
It might have happened that I love you...
This feel can only be turned on.
Let's find ourselves a special venue,
It's time I get out of friendzone!
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