Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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For You

While in a stray for the compassion,
I've met an angel from above.
Your music choice depicts my passion
And you applaud my leaps in fashion.
No demon can detune this love.
For Heaven Gates my snap affection
Must seem as reason for a joke.
They overwrote your love with friendship,
With pure and strong one, not to mention
The boyfriend that you've got.

I'm not the one for whom you'd fallen,
Please find the ground why.
There is not much you have in common
And every word of his sounds rotten.
But your smile is no lie...
I know I cannot make you love me,
It's not what I lead to.
Can you insure he'll make you happy?
Because if so, I'm not objecting.
I'm blessed when you are too.

You are the one I've waited for,
Throughout my days you've been the only.
But if you're happy, less or more,
With other man, don't doubt to go.
Your bliss for me is holy.
I won't be jealous, won't be rude,
I'll still stay your best friend.
If he can make your dreams come true,
If he does better than I do,
This pick I shall respect.

Across the gulf I'll stretch the scrim
To cope with grief life puts me through.
And though you can't but look at him
My eyes would only look at you.
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