William Cahill

July 11, 2000 - Panama city

A attempt to describe your ineffable glance

I shall undertake the biggest task
A try to fullfill the impossible attempt
Of materializing your vivid glance
Into vowels and phrases

Cause as the crepuscular blue
Emerges with the epiphany of your eyes
A ethereal feeling takes over the salon
Where all looks are on them

Colors aren't real
They’re just our own way of seeing light
But when the slight yellow meets your obscure pupil
I've never felt more real and alive

The film like redd-ish color
That crawls out of your cheeks
Is just another complement
To flamboyant canvas in front of me

To try, but to never fullfill
The intent of explaining how u make me feel
But even if mediocre, this is the best way
My 15 year old brain, can express care

I love u


Hey guys! I just started poetry and I'm writing a poem for a girl I know, she's going through a lot and a poem would make her really happy, because she loves poetry, so, if you could give me some feedback on how to improve this poem, I would really appreciate it
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