Willem Burger

Born 10th of April 2002-Windhoek
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Flesh and Gold

Open like the flesh of my skin the cold comes from within my four walls of my heart ,it gets cold when it’s hard they learned from the start it’s not easy being so very,very far apart..my teeth aching from all the embracing as my bones keep shaking no…breaking; don’t you see nore believe the words and truths that I’m praying this isn’t me faking no this is me celebrating the fact that I’m not hating any shy or small I know my feelings are numb sometimes not even there at all but my four walls will embrace you welcome you home and encase you an all inclusive ride on the feelings I’m feeling right now right here by your side. I’m free from the cold I no longer need to fold I can stand proud and bold with my flesh exposed knowing my life is taking a course to destination we’re I don’t here rumors of old but live in times of gold.
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