Wieslaw Musialowski

1948 / Niemodlin / Poland
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Wieslaw Musialowski was born on June 20,1948 in Niemodlin. For the first six years of his life he was raised mainly by his grandmother, Emilia Musialow­ska, née Szczepanska. Three poems have been dedi­cated to her and to the poet’s recollections of those years: FOR EMILY SZ., EPITAPH and EMILLIA SZ—’S EMBRO­IDERY. Emilia Musialowska came from Kamieniec Po­dol­ski. She always used the “wy” form (plural “you” in Polish) when addressing others, which was an ex­pression of respect. This mode of speaking (no longer current in the Polish language, as it has been replaced by...

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