Walter Enyeart

Mountlake Terrace, WA, USA

Run With Me

Hike, stroll, walk and run with me.
O'er sea, and land and air lanes,
That south-bound train is to blame
The whistle called; "run with me." There's South Sea lore awaiting
And fish that try abaiting
If you like, there's desert strand
With bargains of spires and sand. Those "S.P. Lines never rest,
Moans of freight on desert crest,
Echo mid sage and cacti bloom
Come see and hear: "run with me." Nor miss forest, hills and streams,
There's mountains and trails to deem,
In DC-Three's: on a beam,
Find air lanes: North and Southwest. Aye! Com' on and "run with me."
Hold these rhymes and lines to see,
Be transported far from me,
To transient scenes without fee.
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