Virginia Welch

Kansas City, MO, USA

Telling Tales Out Of School

There was a famous Hollywood designer
Known worldwide for her movie gowns;
Who was asked by a talk show host,
"Why so successful in Tinsel Town?" She was thoughtful for a moment;
Then to everyone’s great surprise,
"I was a high school teacher",
She replied with a twinkle in her eyes. "What kind of answer is that?" She was asked.
Then she replied with a knowing smile,
"Once you have taught in high school,
You can do anything that is worthwhile." She had discovered what all good teachers know;
That with creativity, vision, and plans that are sound,
Even the most reluctant scholar can be reached;
Just as a piece of cloth can become a ball gown. No wonder the designer replied as she did.
What awesome responsibilities teachers have.
With little recognition and meager pay,
Only those who CAN-teach.
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