Tristin Livingston

June 7, 2001 - California

A spark untended

I’m granted a boon, a hope – a spark
A sense of purpose, a reason to believe
Signaling the ignition
A candle’s flame dispelling the dark
Given the ardor, the fervor to achieve

Increasing in intensity

A campfire, pleasant and tender
Dismissing all chill, blanketing with comfort
Flourishing further and further still
A bonfire guiding to splendor
The beacon of triumphant life uncovered

Proliferating ever rampantly

An untamable inferno
Dancing wildly around everything in sight
Enveloping all in flame’s heart
Turning it all to ash and woe
Swirling about in smoke as dark as midnight

Burning and suffocating

As cinders rest upon my skin
Reminding of the neglected ambitions
Dwindling down into ash
Surrounded and covered in soot
Regretting the mark not brought to fruition
A spark untended
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