Tristab Jeremy Sing

April 04, 2000 - Bukidnon, Philippines
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Forlorn Journey of a fine Seafarer

The wind blows, where the water flows
That guides me to wherever it goes.
The bubbly waves salve my yearning heart by night.
The scorching heat of the sun struck my face as I reckoned my beauteous moments with thy loved ones.
The chirping birds around me filled me with awe.

The vessel is filled with tranquility and restless folks as I adhered.
The dovish atmosphere brings me doziness
Such ambiance of the place is gloomy.
I could feel my craving eyes for abode
Oh, how I longed to see what is out there?
When will this journey come to an end?

Soon, the ocean spoke to me saying, "Lessen thy perturbation for thy voyage draws nigh, my body shall divulge the passage towards the end"
The boon ocean solaced me with hope and blissfulness.
Thou hast stalled me thy contemplation.
Thou hast shun me to temptation.

The dazzling sea was my comrade
Where one cannot be on one's own
I survived from this oceanic life I dwelled in.
This is a journey of a pilgrim this is my everlasting emblem.

A seafarer's life, a life i have
To venture thy sea is what i love.
Despite all thy challenges that come
This is my kismet and journey ill ovecome.
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