Tom Lathara

Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Waste not

Waste not your thoughts on petty souls,
Waste not your words, not your warmth,
Waste not your energy, not your emotions
On mingy souls and their putrid minds.

An occasional skunk, a travel hazard,
A mandatory road toll the traveler pay,
May the nauseating stink not dampen your spirit
Many magnificent scenes await on your road ahead.

Each moment - precious, irreplaceable,
Brimming with promises, a unique gift,
Yet so transient, no vault can hold,
Seize it, savor it, accept its promises.

Folks abound with sunshine in their souls,
Joyful hearts that leaves a luminous trail,
With their words, ways and warmth.
Seek them, embrace them, grow with them.

Guard your serenity, like oyster shields the pearl,
Unwavering in turbulent waters,
Let your lights shine forth and around,
On all the good, bad and indifferent.

A petty person can ruin your day
A spiteful word can leave you sulking
If you leave your soul unguarded,
Bless them, let their maker mend their ways.

Waste not your hurts, however sharp
Turn them to precious pearls,
Waste not your bruises, however bloody,
Turn them to celebratory tattoos.

Waste not your fears, however foreboding,
Burrow through them to faith and light,
Waste not your tears, however bitter,
Wait for the new day and the emerging rainbow.

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