Tia C

May 5, 1998-Jamaica
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Brightest Smiles

Brightest smiles. Sometimes worn by the molested and abused.
The smile shows what they wish to feel and that which they are hiding.
Hiding what they wished didn't happen.
Putting it in the back of their minds.
Hoping that the bright smile will outshine the dark depths.

Brightest smiles. Sometimes worn by the controversial abusers.
The ones that hurt; the ones that ruin.
The ones that destroy something before it's built.
Smile and hurt to hide that they were once hurt.
Once hurt....then allowed the negativity to blossom and bear fruit.
To force rot another young seedling;
To possibly carry on the endless tradition of hurting.

Brightest smiles. Worn all the time by those who hurt and have been hurt.
Worn to hide and deceive.
Worn for those that wish to pry and question.
And sometimes, though rarely, worn by those actually happy.
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