Terrell Richardson

(August 13, 1974 - Los Angeles)
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Barney Fife..(L.A.P.D) End Police Brutality!!

Their force is excessive
, extremely aggressive
with a selective few, if you surprised it's not you.
You probably wouldn't understand
But feel me cuz me and mine can comprehend to
Barney Fife, In his hands playing with my life,
it ain't right to send him out at night,
mad at his wife, cause she leaving.... The second divorce in Four seasons,
Another reason for pistol packin and thieving, with tricks up his sleeve if he sleeveless,
check his boots & pop the trunk Mr Fife where's the loot?
gotchu captured convicted and classified, files misplaced,
Now it's a month pass you're release date.
No escape from this cell in hell.
so in the street's, I retreat
Im out ran the good cops.
But Barney Fife stop
aim & pop til you drop
I give props to those ones who threw billy clubs at my feet,
instead of firing paralyzing slugs at me,
trying to clap me,
for $30 of cavy(
Consequences Sadly
sadly accepted, from ghetto to ghetto disrespected....
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