Tara Arya

A poet at heart
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A Monsoon Love Poem

Eagerly I scour the skies
For clouds dark and heavy
Awaiting the life giving winds
Pregnant with promises
So many secrets
Shared between you and me

Scorched by the summer heat
I lie withered , almost defeated
Fervently , silently awaiting
Deliverance by your
Healing cooling caresses
That could ignite me

Nostalgia of
A bygone monsoon
The first stirrings of love
Trickle down memory lane
As I close my eyes
It feels like yesterday

I remember the lashing sea
Rising tossing threatening
The howling wind
As it whipped us together
The rain that seeped to the bones
Only to make us warmer..

That night you did come
Furtive knocks at my window
Awaken me from slumber
You crash down from the heavens
In majestic splendor
To make me alive all over.
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