Tammy Darby

Word Chaser

Off I go
To the psycho ward
For the chasing of elusive words
I round them up and write them down
A poet demanding to be heard

Using only a word at a time
I will surely never have enough
So here I sit in the silly ward
A word chaser
A nut

The more words I write
The more I want
It has become an insatiable greed
Words I must have them all
Not a wanting
An uncontrollable need

My crime is that I am a word chaser
Many cannot understand
So this is my explanation
As I scrawl with pen in hand

Yes I am a pursuer of words
And all the letters I find
Line them up
Assigning their places
I paint them with metaphor and rhyme

A word chaser yes
Without reservation these faults I confess
Though my hands are no longer tied
The door is forever shut
So in the psycho ward I will remain
A word chaser
A nut

All right Reserved. Tammy M. Darby.
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