Tammy Darby

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True to Orwell’s 1984

They are listening ever quietly, stealthily at your door
Gazing out from your personal viewing screens
Secreted in production and silence by faceless voices
Those the public will never hear or see

They are carefully dissecting your words
Take heed how and of what you speak
Seeking a chink in subliminal government propaganda
That must be corrected
Democracy is not all is seems.

You may say this freely and unhindered
Not permitted certainly cannot say that
You may wear the coiled snake of anarchy on your shirt
But not the rebellious red of Trumpism on your hat

You have the choice to freely support one cause or another
Beware choose wisely and remember
You are being reviewed and observed by Big Brother
And if in all their efforts on the ground are futile
And fail using the satellites in the crowded sky
They will resort to sharing information among the powerful 5 eyes.

Peering round dark corners
They are monitoring your dreams
Infiltrating your memories in time
While noting your reactions to specific political stimuli
Searching for a mental crime
Now be a good citizen and march in a straight line

So we must admit a futurist
Orwell was indeed right
Soon we will all be molded mentally exactly alike
Intruding upon our privacy
Their machine absorbs us day and night
Throughout what those who have yet to wake
In their naivety call life

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