Tammy Darby

The Working Man

The working man
Carries the weight of the country on his back
Works half his life to pay government tax
Taxes for death
Taxes for war
Rue the day when the working man
No more

Stolen their hard-earned wages
Gained by toil and sweat
Paychecks in their pockets
Removed legally by criminal banks
While the crumbling walls of democracy protect the thieves
In order of political power file and rank

Homes repossessed while corporations are saved
Jobs lost by the millions
Living on the streets
No clothes for warmth
No food for their children eat
How much more will the working man take

Our hard-earned tax dollars
Taken against our will
Used to topple other countries
Under the guise of freedom

The working man pays for those who don’t
The working man pays for those who won't
The taxes are getting higher
The working man now refuses to pay
The weight is getting heavier
Despite what lying politicians say

You should have listened to the words
When I said rue the day
On their backs no more
Will the working man bear
Civil war is coming
It is inevitable
You can smell it in the air

All Rights Reserved @Tammy M Darby 2013
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