Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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The Banquet

Late one nice warm evening
Came a very loud knock upon my door
It was a complete stranger
Tired bewildered and lost
Now imprisoned in my dark magical woods

A gracious host of course
I bowed, extended my hand and stated
Please come in, dear friend take a seat and let’s discuss pressing matters
Such as the ghost to my left moaning and groaning
Or the ghoul to the right dressed in tatters

As you can plainly see I am playing poker with the 3 eyed demons of the 4th night
Who infamous cheaters like the mummies rarely ever get a second invite.
The vampires are sitting in the shadows where they think no one may see
Putting visine in their red eyes
White roses in black lapels and sharpening their pointed teeth

The werewolves yellow dripping fangs
Are climbing the curtains growling
Come the rising of the round moon
The goblins little monsters stroll in nosily
Angrily demanding recognition which is rightly their due

The witches spitting and cursing their hats
Hopped clumsily off their brooms
While the strongest warlocks were locked in battle
Throwing spells across the amber walled room

They have arrived for my banquet
As all have received the coveted invitations before
When some foolish stranger like you
Unaware knocks upon my door,

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