Tammy Darby

She who tells the tale

Sailing through purple skies unhindered
And breathe crystal snowflake frosted air
Floated past the mysterious Weeping Mountains
And yellow forests called Warlocks Fair

Wandered the underworld
Drunk with false courage from Cretan wine
Leaped bravely from star to star
Journeyed through red star scattered galaxies
Witnessing the birth and death of time

The finality of the forever feared tolling
The ringing of deaths solemn bell
Conjured this was in my mind quite carefully
For I am she who tells the tale

Commanding the heavens and the earth with my pen
To me, the four winds bow low and kneel
The water robed river nymphs pirouette
Wild horned stags vault high to my music
You must admit the scene is quite captivating and surreal

The moon kisses my cheek with shy affection
Apollo grace me with a sunburst arrow of gold
Syrian lotus seeds the door to the universe
Where lie stories soon to be told

She who tells the tale
Sprung from the blood of ancient lands
Portraying in ink and script
The reflections of man.

@ Copyright Tammy M. Darby Dec. 12, 2018.
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