Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Shall I tell you of a broken heart

Who in its anger repudiated the world
And embraced the dark.
Or would you prefer elaborate romantic letters of love?
Unwavering devotion,
A pedestal of adoration
Pledges spoken to him above

This tale is of one who by choice turned from the light,
Nevermore hear the chorus of sweet breezes,
Boldly cavorting through sage green branches in the night.
Nor see the unfurling of the young dew-covered grass.
As life slowly drained from the body,
Without protest or a struggle
To breathe its last.

Sadness encroached upon the soul
Oh so quietly and remained
The spirit seeking refuge
Ignoring the risks lept from reality
Into unknown plane

Closing their eyes, tightly
They prayed to forget what it was,
To bear the burden of desire,
Or embrace the malignant lies of love.

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