Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Pray who can tell me

Who can say why the lady moon dances daintily,
Across the grey gauze of darkness soon to be gone
Or why her chosen consort in the waltz
The sun king of the sky
Tips his hat and beckons his rays to come along.

Pray who can tell me
Why tiny winds tickle old trees who shake in merriment and mirth
When the little breezes blow through
Why the trickling brooks flash green and sliver
Little fingers span running through the earth.

Who can tell me of the sounds that begin?
Upon the arrival of mysterious night
The twinkling colors of stars
The universe’s robe
Much to the galaxies delight

Which one can mimic the night birds aria
That before sleepily retiring
Waken me on a cold snowy morn.
Or tell me of the little redbirds
Who rises with the chill of daylight?
That sing a melodious boastful song.

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