Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Political satire

and yes along with my other work I write Political Satire. Have some

My Interview with (Drum role and rockets red glare, bombs bursting in the air) The one.... The Only........ Donald The Ding -a ling- Duck

Viruses yeah, I know them. We have a great relationship. They love me.
This is the virus it's like a wave it may or may not go up or down like this. Watch my hands, like a wave.
They said I should have been a scientist so yeah I know them
The coronavirus is a hoax because I said so.

Sir, WHO has said the spread of the Virus is inevitable what is your response to that after you said we had shut the virus out of the country?
Fake news fake news.

The Virus is here because the Democrats clicked their heels together 2 times, said the word Socialist 3 times, sacrificed a chicken and hey the virus was here. Democrats are bad for the country.

Well, what about the 8.5 Billion up to a Trillion now you just asked for from Congress to the fight virus
Like I said it’s a beautiful test, like the letter…… perfect.

But it's spreading and you said it was a Hoax?
Fake news.... fake news.... It’s a plot by the Democrats, my enemies, the Martians and the kids from the Good ship Lollipop to make me look bad.

I hate that question.

Money? Money? we have lots of money here have some, you and you take some and vote for me

What about the U.S. federal budget deficit for the fiscal year 2020 its $966 billion before the Virus crisis? You said you would reduce it?

What Deficit????
Fake news Fake news

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