Tammy Darby

No more Princesses and Dragons

The yearning gentleman journeyed near and far
Hoping to acquire his long-sought heart's desire
Pictures carefully painted from a copy of a euphoric time
A multitude of young memories drawn from an aging mind

From storybooks, he conjured up the delicate princess and the pea
A white-eyed fairy beauty sailing deep lavender seas
Redheaded was the other with eyes of fire
Naught satisfied his slowing blood
And the heart's desire

Life with a light kiss
Sprinkled upon him a touch of madness and sublime
Flung carelessly before him mountains with invisible peaks to climb

Sympathetic were the gods in their mercy
In forever withholding the cruel knowledge
Alas there were no princesses to rescue
And no more fire breathing dragons

@ Copyright Tammy M. Darby Aug. 8, 2018
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