Tammy Darby

My Symphony in Hell

I conduct the symphony of hell
In the earth’s bowels overflowing with sin
Silence rules momentarily
As my infamous symphony begins
Horned demons of ancient tales and nightmares
Fingers poised on their human heart strings

Shrieking, howling and wailing
The crescendo of suffering starts
Moans of the forever doomed
Music so terrible and dark

Burst forth the voices of guilt-ridden souls
From sulfur fumed burning pits of fire
Each must bear their eternal punishment
The offense of mortal desire

Sounds of tortured emotions
So shrill and high in repentance they scream
Wrapped in flames until the sun dies
Drowning in insanity's seas
Their pain only adds to the haunting composition
In my arrangement of demonic melodies

So, into the depths of hell I delve
For notes of the accursed
Can be found nowhere else
These are the lyrics of the damned
I am the conductor
Of the symphony in hell

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby April 19. 2016
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