Tammy Darby

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Madness my Residence

I write these words while I am still myself
The price paid as my cold soul burns
No longer possessing the impediment of a heart
It’s the script for which I yearn

Jumping to and fro throughout memories and time
My life subtly disguised in misleading illusions and vague erratic rhyme
My eccentricity I have little or no inclination to explain
Nor the secret corners of my fragmented thoughts
Where revenge and malevolence play

Scrawling these words in defiance
Fully cognizant I am slipping away
In my fury, and belligerence being true to character
Spilling emotions on paper day after day

Soon without warning the moment will come
Staring empty dead eyes
I will have nothing more to say
As I retreat to the shadows with no remorse
Madness my residence
And it is there I shall forever stay.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M Darby. Nove 2. 2019
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