Tammy Darby

Integrated Palette

Present the description
Without soulful glance and regretful sigh
Vocalize its definitions from within and without the heart
As vast as turquoise boundless skies.

It is an integrated palette of deep desire in warm soft dreams
Often no more than a contrived replica from a lover’s breath
It is the written of in fading ink by the long dead poets
The portrayal of honorable words falling from trusted lips

Neglectful to the seed of betrayal
The despair of a shriveling heart
From the whole to the dark eclipse

Look deep into the transparent windows
Beware for the eyes tell all
Of love and hate
The frozen span of a bleak wasteland
The veins coursing with inextinguishable fire
It is the integrated palette of soft warm dreams and deep desire

@ Copyright Tammy M. Darby Sept. 17, 2016
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