Tammy Darby

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I went to Hell to visit the Devil

Just to see what it was like
The smell of brimstone and smoke
Torture and mayhem
Burning heads impaled upon flaming spikes

I shook hands with the evil one
Of course, horned and dressed in red
Very cordial he spoke
Welcome friend mi casa es su casa
But absolutely no communing with the dead

I said I was just looking around
Put to rest any fears
With my good and pure lily white life
I shall never end up here

Many years later
Staring down at my coffin
At my funeral where was shed many tears
It seemed only seconds had passed
And there I was
Back in hell again

I looked around at the fires
And asked Satan fearfully
Tell me Beelzebub
What am I doing here?
Your name is on my parchment silly fool
And I have waited many years

All Rights Reserved Tammy M. Darby Dec. 27, 2013
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