Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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I live in a world of Fantasy

I live in a world of fantasy
Not caring to immerse myself
Into the fountain of reality
The waters of actuality offer no joy
To a soul that has retreated to another plane

It is true I am reclusive
At times irritating and demanding
Extremely reclusive
I confess I am unconventional
As most poets are somewhat eccentric
This I am sure you already know

In truth, I am an artist
My cauldron is one of emotions dreams and sensations
Emerging from the compound of letters
The visions come forth
A magician of ink and paper

So it is I live in a world of what it could be
A movement of my pen into a structured paragraph
It is invariably there for all to see
A depiction of anything they desire it to be
My strange world of fantasy

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