Tammy Darby

A Story Unfinished

From the void of infinity,
I retrieved words desperately sought
Craving the full impact of my letters
No matter the harm to my soul it wrought

An obsession forces me from my slumber bed rise
Depicting on paper visions of monsters and warrior queens
That emerge willingly from deep long dreams
And where the secret magic lies.

Sleep reveals those who breathe
And yet emotionally dead
Shuffling through the world
Unknowing and uncaring
Frightening the living with dread

As the ribbons of heliotrope crept closer before falling
Pausing to listen
I heard the ghost of my pen calling

They found me gray and cold
Window sash blowing
Ink on my stiff fingers
Hunched over my desk

A story unfinished
My oh so ingenious fellow Poets
I leave you to imagine the rest

@Copyright Tammy M. Darby Jan. 5, 2019