Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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A Cup of Sadness

I poured a cup of sadness
Stirred with angers spoon
Called to the four winds of the heavens
Bowed low the crescent moon

For sweetness sake
I happily added
A generous measure of pain
Mixed in cream pale and weak
Colored with the tears of rain

On a crystal flaming platter
Served carefully by the hand of guile
I watched the orange blue fire demons
Contented and smiling
Passed the while

So it was I spoke the curse
For what was given to me
Was returned in kind
Unending loneliness of the soul
The nightmares of a troubled mind

Some would say
My revenge was too great
Others will berate me in my death
But let it be said I showed no mercy
Only to God must I pay the debt

So have a cup of sadness
Drink until you are no more
For it is with intent, I speak these words
Accompanied by malice and scorn.

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