talent madhuku

july 17, 1992- Harare,Zimbabwe

A letter to mother Earth

I woke up eager, a pen in hand.
I rose up with love in my heart rearing to write to you.
But alas! With only a few scribbled locutions I went blank.
It was just an empty zeal, an eagerness without knowingness.
a burst of arrogance, a theatrical performance without substance.
With zeal but lacking knowledge I decided to know more about you.
Unenlightened, yet filled with passion and love I soldiered on to write this letter to you.
Mother Earth you are an enigma, a flawless diamond among the sand.
Mother Earth, you are a beauteous orb, a unique and essential sphere.
Your address is that special place in your unique town we call the milky way.
Between those enigmatic neighbourhoods of Sagittarius and Perseus.
Where you happily play under watchful eyes of the sun.
Your lovely pet, Luna, hovers around you, dancing to the soulful songs of Saturn.
On your belly the oceans flow,
Giving you that blue beautiful glow.
Here living in this lovely place that is your body.
I can't help myself but wonder.
Wonder if we humans are indispensable to you,
Or if we are just a virus, a disease that will lead to your ultimate ruin.
Each and everyday vast portions of you we destroy.
Justifying by calling it headway.
Continuously pollutants in your pristine atmosphere we pump.
Your rivers and and oceans wail miserably because of the noxious wastes which in them we incessantly dump.
O mother Earth where are we heading to?
The destination, nobody seems to know anymore.
Sitting here however I can't help but be overwhelmed by you.
As loving mother you respond to this cruelty by giving us love.
With your priceless ozone you protect us from the perilous rays.
Sooth and sustain us you do with your essential rains.
From your land, our food we cultivate.
From your unique body precious minerals we take.
O mother Earth what can we possibly do without you?
This one I know, we are definitely naught without you.
Ignorant as I am, I however cannot help myself but daydream about you.
I dream of that day, that day I will stand high up in the sky.
Gazing in awe at the blue magnificent orb that is undoubtedly you.
I vividly see myself, I see it.
A little dreamer in the sky reciting this small letter to you.
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