Talal Uddin



She's beauty/ I see in her mind/When she talks and mellows my mind/ I ask her to show/Starry eyes/ To put a question/ Am i far behind?/She smiles & expanses/Like the skies/ A pearl deviates/ When she smiles/She's art/I see in her walk/ That is meticulous,attractive and spark/ I ask her to show lovely fingers/ To put a question/ How am i near?/ She smiles & smiles with amorous eager/ An exuberant girl/ I see here ever/ And the little perfume/ That comes from her dress/ That makes me so digress/ How cute/ How pure/ Her heavenly face/ She secures first place in a beauty race/ I spoke to her in an early summer/To me, she was a good speaker/ I wish/ I believe/ Having this girl/ My life will be more smeller. [The End]
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