Femme Mcbridge

Chennai. October 5,1980
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Expectations vs Reality

When I first saw him,
I knew that he was mine,
He promised to make me thine,
Accepting my flaws and fines.
My smile spread across my face,
Anticipating to have a joint family,
Dreamt big to live happy,
With inlaws as parents,
And others as bro and sis,
Love has always been my search.
Throbbing pain entangled my grace,
I was just the odd one out,
They were one and I was none,
Transparency, honesty and hope with faith,
Disappeared in their trait,
Blame game was their crate,
Mere words showered on me,
On the ground, I was a shame.
Fruits are eaten but seeds are thrown,
Forgetting that they grow to crown,
The days have come to bid a bye,
For they are not worth a cry,
Their puppet actions wounded me,
An wounded heart knows the way to glee.
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