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September 13, 2001 - India
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Mother is a feeling, not just a word.
Mother is the reason for her children's smile.
Father's partner and respect is mother. Mother is the basis of this entire creation.

Mother is the idol of love, compassion and kindness.
Mother is the deepest ocean of selfless love.
Mother is the most precious creation ofGod.
Mother is the reason for happiness at home.

Mother is the comfort of tired children.
Mother is the first guru of her children.
Mother is the beam of light in a life of despair.
Mother is there with us in both defeat and victory.

Mother abandons her dreams, fulfills children's dreams.
Mother spends her life on her family.
Mother is a god who knows the feelings of her children without telling.
Mother is the cold shade of the tree in the harsh sun.
Truly the most precious creation of God is mother.
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