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September 13, 2001 - India
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Humanity is the first religion of all mankind.
Humanity is the feeling of love and respect for other beings in the heart of every creature.
Humanity is the root of all religions, but in today's era, humanity is becoming extinct.
Man has divided this society on the basis of gender, religion and caste.
Perhaps we have forgotten that we are children of the earth where sages gave the slogan of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.
Every religion on this earth has taught us that mercy is the root of religion.
Every script has the same message of love and compassion, whether it is the Gita or the Bible.
Today, humans are unaware that their welfare is in the world.Today, humans have no one but God to help them.
We do not know who has sown the seeds of hate in humans.
Competition is the main reason for advancing society.
The desire to attain heights has blinded the human being so much that neither he sees others pain nor he feels sorry for others.
Hopefully! Someone could change this ruthless humans, and could teach them the lesson of compassion.
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