Sordid Dreag


Miserable Me in a Comical Tower

Renege for dreams,
Of other's,
Their opinions and thoughts,
Of me.

Swamps of assumptions,
Goals and demands,
None of my own,
Ceaseless expectations!

Blunt, unspoken words,
Daily admonitions, appeasement,
I abide to each,
It matters not, who I am.

Drowning while alive,
The me who knows not,
The me who is delirious,
Yet, I hated the world.

Stop caring, stop thinking,
Be callous, be selfish,
Build high walls,
Bury that constant shrill!

Then, with dim eyes,
A comical tower,
Despondent to the world,
Should you not be happy?

Alas, this is not what I wish for.
A miserable me.
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