Snakes And ladders

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RB- 21/20

When we first met I had
A feeling of innocence
Not paying attention
Not trying to impress you
The type of carelessness
That showed how much I
Underestimated you and myself
No clue what was in store for us
But moments change things
They change so fast
So abruptly that
Even I couldn’t keep up
With my own thoughts about you
You’re a gift you’re a sign
A reward for having to be so strong
And dealing with so much
Before you came into my life
I don’t know when I started liking you
I think I just decided to
I didn’t think it would be serious
Until I started falling for you
I used to think of you as safe
Just a place holder
Someone who wouldn’t hurt me
A smart choice but nothing more
Little did I know how wrong I was
How scary everything feels now
Because this is starting to feel real
And it’s getting dangerous
I’m sorry for overreacting
And I’m sorry for being a bitch
I’m just so scared of getting close
And then you being ripped away
From the first kiss
The feeling of your lips on mine
Felt so intense
So good
I knew you weren’t just safe
I know you will be something more
I hoped it wouldn’t end too soon
So please don’t leave me
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