Sirena V

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the fool

the fool just stands alone,
not knowing where to go,
as the voice
that once was home
is now the void.

"nothing left to do but find,
a new life to take as mine,"
as the love they once designed
burned before their eyes.

no space left,
a vacuumed heart.
an insatiable love so dark.
they grab the pen,
to start again,
with ink so red
bleeding as though,
it too, was left bereft.

a new voice has sung past the gates,
as it tore through the twisted lonesomeness.
they fall into the abyss,
disillusioned, caught between
lies and tricks;
suffering so sweetly,
licking poison off their lips.

falling again for the love
hell has gardened,
plagued seeds
birthed from those afflicted and greed.
a love that forgoes
being heard and being seen.

a fool that never learns.
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