Simon Leong

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Once Upon A Time

A country most populous
enjoyed freedom, democracy
and richness in culture.
As the years rolled on ...
then driven by strikes, local
disorders, violence and
Runaway inflation
with a high level of unemployment
services draining of its country
revenues ...
Rundown schools and universities
and the spirit of higher learning
was slackened behind.
For years the country has been running downhill...
Economy in a disastrous state,
inexorable drift to national disaster.
A truly national consensus
to reach but how?
Declaration of Human rights,
freedom, democracy, law and
order, guarantee of peace,
harmony and prosperity
to a country.
Autocracy, dictatorship, cruelty,
avarice and force provide
breeding ground for turmoil,
civil war and hatred even
lead to apocalypse.
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