Sihle Mjobo

April 1,1997-Durban
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What are we?
Damaged souls,
Museums for lost innocence?
Experiences’ consequence ?
Looking through wise eyes
Yet it still eludes us.

What is it?
That we fail to recognise
In seasonal soulmates
Lent at the mercy of fate.

I want to call it love, but it can’t be.

Its too obvious that we’ve been here before
With different faces
And thought we had arrived
To soon learn our certainty was ill advised

It’s clear we’ve been and gullible to;
Merchants of dreams
That made us cynical

Yet here we are.
Growing wisdom teeth and still biting of more than we can chew
It still feels like love when I look at you

But love ? is forever right?

Its timeless, its infinite
And you, you and I are just …
You and I are just tiny momentary specs
Within an indifferent universe
Its logically insane for us to promise forever

But we still do!

Not to say I don’t believe you
I mean, I also said it too
But what can I say
Promises are meant to be broken
Shattered vows are basically a cliché

-Sihle Sibabalo Mjobo, May 2018
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